Practice English in the virtual native reality
with AI robots
The most affordable way to practice speaking English in different real-life situations.
Media about us
82% of English students do not see results of studying because they lack regular speaking practice
Afraid of being
Natives are hard
to grasp
Practice is expensive and demands time
They are out of the native speaking environment
Praktika - is the best way to gain speaking practice!
One month of Praktika costs the same as one hour lesson with a tutor
Choose a real-life
Unique content narrated
by game devs.
Move the plot by voice!
with a robot
They act, look and speak
like a human.
They are smart NPCs and understand what you say.
Get personalized feedback
And track progress
on improvement curve.
Key product features
Only 5 minutes per day
let you achieve speaking confidence in a few weeks
Give yourself another useful habit - play at least 1 story per day and enhance your speaking skills significantly!
Track your progress on a detailed improvement curve, that vizualizes your step-by-step journey to become fluent
Why is Praktika different?
Practice anytime in an easy-going atmosphere
Real-time and after session feedback + improvement curve
Many real-life stories to practice any topic
Adjust speed and level, get tips to practice comfortably
Don’t be afraid to learn by mistakes, you won’t be shamed
1 hour lessons arranged according a tutor’s schedule
Rapid subjective feedback with no clear visualization
Study according to the tutor’s program
Natives are hard to grasp that is not preferred for studying
Psycho-emotional pressure while underlining your mistakes
Traditional learning
We help people to take the most of their opportunities overcoming a language barrier
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