Immersive language learning app with
generative AI Avatars
Engage in fun and interactive language learning with LLM-powered AI speaking buddies.

Media about us
People invest years in learning English. Still in many regions, only 5% of the population can speak the language.

Language learning partners who are always available to practice English
Build speaking confidence with ease in the immersive playground

5 minutes of practice per day can help you gain the confidence to speak with fluency.
Give yourself another useful habit - play at least 1 lesson per day and enhance your speaking skills significantly!
Track your progress on a detailed improvement curve, that vizualizes your step-by-step journey to achieve fluency.
What sets Praktika apart?
Practice anytime and anywhere
Real-time and after session feedback
1000+ lessons and characters to practice any topic
10.000+ minutes of unlimited practice
Low-pressure environment
1 hour lessons arranged according a tutor’s schedule
Rapid subjective feedback with no clear visualization
Study according to the tutor’s program
Natives are hard to grasp
Psycho-emotional pressure while underlining your mistakes
Traditional learning
Empowering next billion learners to overcome language barriers and seize new opportunities.
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