Unlock your
company’s collaboration across borders
The most affordable way to practice speaking English - anytime and anywhere.
Praktika - is the best way to gain speaking practice!
Choose a business English story
Get prepared for conversations
in real life
Talk with realistic
Smart Robots
They act, look and behave just
like real people
Track your progress
and become fluent
Get personalized feedback on main speaking skills
How does Praktika work
Suitable for students of any level
Adjustable speed of speech and English level enables Praktika to be useful for any student.
Almost never learned English in school.
10 minutes / day
Learned English and practiced
3 days / week
Learned English in school but never practiced.
10 minutes / day
Handle English on high level.
3 days / week
Your company’s personalized content
Drive employees’ engagement through your company’s personalized content.
Custom Avatars
TIn Praktika you can create courses with custom avatars, that could be your company’s representatives
Custom Scenarios
Make a perfect mixture of English practicing and corporate training, creating scenarios about your company
Team, trusted by leaders
Adam Turaev
Chief Executive Officer
Former IT/Digital/Media/Innovation lead in large international companies (SPLAT, RB, Sanofi) Launched first AI-solutions marketplace in CIS.
Ilya Chernyakov
Chief Product Officer
Former Product and Digital Lead in international corporates (Sanofi, Bosch). Launched 80+ AI projects for Enterprise in CIS, MENA, EU & USA
Anton Marin
Chief Technical Officer
International expert in ML, Backend, DevOps/MLOps Rakuten Viber –Japan, TWAICE, Relayr – Germany. Launched high-load ML-ops systems in international startups
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